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Full Version: AurallySound Song Master 1.8.02
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AurallySound Song Master 1.8.02 | Size: 170.48 MB
Language: English

Song Master gives you the tools to learn your favorite songs directly from the recording and to practice them efficiently. Song Master uses advanced machine learning and deep learning algortihms to determine a song's high level sections, chords, bars, beats, time signature, key, and tuning.
Get an overview of how a song is structured. Focus on a particular section. Jump to other sections to see how they vary.
Song Master uses machine learning to analyze and determine the song's chords. Song Master can recognize a broad range of chords from plain major and minor chords to suspended, diminished, and 9th chords. The bass note played with a chord can have a dramatic affect on the combined sound, so Song Master will also tell you the bass note. You can easily modify the chord using the Chord editor.
Shows the results of Song Master having analyzed the song and determined the location of beats and bar lines as well as computing the global bpm and instantaneous bpm
Bars, Beats, & BPM
Song Master analyzes the song and determines the location of beats and bar lines as well as computing the global bpm and instantaneous bpm.
Shows the results for a song analyzed to determine its Key and Time Signature
Key & Time Signatures
Songs are also analyzed to determine their Key and Time Signature.
Extract Stem Tracks
Song Master is able to take a stereo track and extract out individual tracks containing Vocals, Drums, Bass, and a composite track of all the remaining parts.
Remix the Track
Use the Mixer to adjust the extracted tracks' volume and panning; solo and mute individual tracks.
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