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Leadership & Innovation
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Leadership & Innovation
Published 5/2023
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Find innovative and unusual concepts on leadership and Innovation

What you'll learn
Creating the environment for innovation
Finding joy and excitement for innovation
Take a leadership role in innovations
Reduce stress and become a natural innovator
The concepts presented in this course can be applied in any environment where teamwork and innovation plays a role.
This course is an informal and joyful journey through the various concepts related to innovation.Learn the basic concepts of creating innovative teamsUnderstand different approaches to innovationFind the joy in establishing a creative environmentDiscover the essentials for unleashing innovation such as the simple word "yes".Understand the transforming power of minor, incremental improvements.Find out the concepts behind organizational transformation by applying Kaizen workshops and discover the role of standards in fostering improvements and innovations.Often, the scale of success is measured in how much money was earned, how much quality improved, or how well we are recognized in our environment. Of course, these metrics are important. However, I believe that one metric, which is a little more challenging to grasp, holds the key to long-term success. It is the answer to a straightforward question: how much have we improved?By improvement, I don't only mean taking something working well and making it better; I mean the solution to problems. Most problems are not solved because of their complexity. Too much effort, too complex, too unknown. It is precisely at this point where innovation comes into play. The known solutions have flaws; they take too long, are too costly, or are too complicated. A new solution would come in handy, an innovative solution to old problems. Therefore, I see these two things, improvement, and innovation, as complementary and necessary for long-term success.It doesn't matter if you work in a large multinational organization or if you are a single-person entrepreneur. Innovation is one of the single most important elements for success. If you manage to get innovative, you are set for success in whatever you are planning to do.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Section 2: Creativity
Lecture 2 Creativity
Lecture 3 The power of YES
Lecture 4 Recap
Section 3: Incremental Changes
Lecture 5 Change Less
Lecture 6 Small Improvements and Innovations
Lecture 7 The Egg
Lecture 8 Recap
Section 4: Kaizen
Lecture 9 Kaizen
Section 5: Standards for Innovation
Lecture 10 Standards
Lecture 11 Coockbook
Lecture 12 Coffee
Section 6: Problem Solving Mindset
Lecture 13 3 Mindsets for problem-solving
Section 7: Start now
Professionals, consultants and creative workers willing to step-up their game regarding innovation.

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