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Fl Studio Mobile - Learn Music Production In Android/Ios
[Image: xYqc.jpg]

Published 11/2023
MP4 | Video: h264, 1920x1080 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 2.40 GB | Duration: 2h 30m

Create Tracks in any genre- Learn Music Theory,Notation,Beatmaking,MIDI,Arranging,Audio Recording,Mixing & Mastering

What you'll learn
Record, Arrange, Mix, Master your own song/covers in your Mobile/iPad/oPhone - anywhere you like
Create your Own beats and tracks based on any genre like Country or EDM
Record great Vocals on Karaoke/with Guitar and Mix them in Mobile
Create your mobile studio in fraction of a cost of a desktop based studio with surprisingly good results
A solid foundation for learning any desktop based DAW like FL Studio/Logic/Ableton
Learn all Essential Music Theory with Staff Notation
Learn Mixing and Mastering in Mobile - Android or iOS

Only a Mobile device (Android/iOS) with FL Studio Mobile installed
No Music Theory or Music Gears required. You will learn everything from this course.

In This FL Studio Mobile - Learn Music Production in Android/iOS App, you will learn how you can create complete tracks in your android mobile/iPhone/iPadWe're going to cover everything from how you download and install FL Studio Mobile, detailed Music Theory with Staff Notation, as well as going in-depth about beatmaking, arranging, connecting MIDI keyboards, using Microphones, Audio recording, editing, Mixing and Mastering - all in one mobile app. This course is perfect for beginners!We will create beats of different popular bollywood songs and genres, will record our own song and mix master it completely inside this amazing mobile app.This course is created for the absolute beginner to intermidiate users. We are covering all of the techniques that are used in music production all over the world. Everything that is done in this course is made in the box only - so all you need is a mobile - Android or iPhone or iPad with FL Studio Mobile app installed in them.This Course Includes All You Need To Create Music in FL Studio Mobile app. Everything that you need to use is included in this course.We will show you how you can download free sample packs and how you can create custom drumkit with it.If you never used FL Studio Mobile app before, that's totally fine. This course includes an introduction section where we will download FL Studio mobile app and show you how to manage the most basic functions of FL Studio to get you started.Improve Your Music Production Techniques and Start Making Professional Music With Quality in No Time!You will learn a well structured, step by step process to create songs from any idea, then arrange it, then mix and master it.Unlike other Music Production courses, where music theory or audio recording is not covered, this course we have discussed music theory in detail, also audio recording, how you can use microphones in your mobile or you can connect MIDI keyboards in your mobile.About the instructor:Roy is producing Music for 12 years and has been working as a music producer for various Telefilms, Singles, Jingles, BGM. He got a distinction in Grade 8 Music Production from Rockschool London and teaching for 6 years now and taught music production to more than 100 Students from all over the world. He is also an avid guitarist and play other instruments. His passion to teach and help others has been the key reason to coin Aurademy.Who this course is for:· If you are a singer, want to record your own songs/covers and make it sound professional· If you are a musician, and want to record your instruments/solos and make complete tracks· If You're a Beginner and Never Used any Music Production Software before· If You're a Music Producer and want to have a mobile solution to complement your production work· If You're a Rapper and want to create your own beats and record your voice

Section 1: Introduction to Interface

Lecture 1 How to Start a new song in FL mobile

Lecture 2 How to create tracks in FL Mobile

Lecture 3 All about transport Panel

Lecture 4 How to use Channel Rack and and Effects - the secret sauce!

Lecture 5 Know your Mixer

Lecture 6 Clips, Timeline and Snap Settings

Section 2: Know the Instruments! (plus a bit of Sound Design)

Lecture 7 Introduction

Lecture 8 The SuperSaw and Sound Design

Lecture 9 Minisynth and Sound Design

Lecture 10 Meet Directwave - the sampler!

Section 3: Drum Programming and Rhythm Creation - let's create some grooves!

Lecture 11 Introduction to Drum Programming

Lecture 12 Creating your first beat in FL Mobile

Lecture 13 Creating your own custom Drum Kit

Lecture 14 How to make a drum sound realistic - tips and tricks

Lecture 15 Some more useful drum options!

Lecture 16 Swing - a secret sauce for creating awesome beats

Lecture 17 More tips - Extra tracks and AUX Sends

Lecture 18 Designing Drum Pick ups

Lecture 19 Groove Making examples

Section 4: Arranging a Full song - Chords , Bass

Lecture 20 Creating a Chord Progression

Lecture 21 Creating Basslines

Lecture 22 More arrangement tips

Lecture 23 Song Breakdown - Need you now (Part 1)

Lecture 24 Song Breakdown - Need you now (Part 2)

Section 5: Let's Start Mixing

Lecture 25 Introduction to Mixing

Lecture 26 Volume Balancing and Panning

Section 6: Music Theory Essentials (Good to Know)

Lecture 27 Is Music Theory Mandatory?

Lecture 28 Learn about Notes

Lecture 29 Sharps and Flats

Lecture 30 The Major Scale

Lecture 31 The Minor Scale

Lecture 32 What are Key Signatures?

Lecture 33 What is Tempo?

Lecture 34 What are Time Signatures?

Lecture 35 3/4 Time Signatures

Lecture 36 Note Durations

Lecture 37 How to write Melodies?

Lecture 38 Know about chords

Lecture 39 Chord Inversions

Lecture 40 Seventh Chords

Section 7: Song Theory

Lecture 41 The Songmaking Process

Lecture 42 Know the Instrument Families

Lecture 43 Song Structures

Lecture 44 Know about Genres

Singer/songwriters of any level, want to reocord your own songs/covers/karaokes in your mobile,Musicians at any level, wants to record and mix their music in mobile - Android or iOS,Beatmakers who want to create his own beats anywhere,Rappers who want to create their own beats and mix in mobile,Advanced FL Studio Users who wants to complement his professional work with great portability,Anyone who want to learn music production on a budget,Any Musician who wants to learn music theory & staff notation with a software

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