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50 No Oil Recipes: Restaurant Style Cooking Without Oil
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50 No Oil Recipes: Restaurant Style Cooking Without Oil
Published 3/2023
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Healthy Cooking recipes for vegetarian and non-vegetarian

What you'll learn
You will get 50 no oil recipes
You can learn cooking using ingredients in kitchen
You will get healthy cooking recipes
You will get easy to cook recipes and cooking tips
Ability to read or listen
The video course consists of recipe lists and descriptions. The video includes 50 no oil recipes. The video course includes both vegetarian and non vegetarian recipes. The recipes can be prepared using easily available ingredients. The descriptions in the video is simple and easy to understand. From this video course, you can identify the potential of a good cook within your self. You may wonder that how it is possible to make all these vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes even without using a drop of oil. The recipes are detailed in a manner to increase the understanding of all people without discrimination to the level of learning skills each has. You can save the recipes for reference and future cooking. The beginners need to just collect the ingredients and follow the cooking method. Those who are advanced in cooking can enhance their cooking experiences with a new set of recipes. The recipes include those made using rice flour, tomatoes, eggs, fish, crab, prawns, chicken, mutton, beef etc. All recipes are tasty and delicious. You will also get a set of cooking tips. These will help you in handling cooking in a flawless manner. The tips cover some common mistakes committed during cooking and help to improve cooking by recommended actions.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Section 2: Breakfast Recipes
Lecture 2 Breakfast recipes
Section 3: Curries and Roasts
Lecture 3 Curries and Roasts
Section 4: Salads and Soups
Lecture 4 Salads and Soups
Section 5: Juices and Shakes
Lecture 5 Juices and Shakes
Section 6: Grills and Snacks
Lecture 6 Grills and Snacks
Section 7: Cooking Tips
Lecture 7 Cooking Tips
Section 8: Conclusion
Lecture 8 Conclusion
All who are interested in cooking

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